• Charlotte Southon

Conquer the Chaos, Calm the Mind

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Conquer the Chaos, Calm the Mind: The path from overwhelmed to a decluttered, organized and minimalistic way of living.

Day to day our lives are busy, we dash from appointment to appointment and social engagement to social engagement, our phones pinging reminders whilst we tap into our taxi app. Once home we push open the front door to our sanctuary, the slight resistance from the parcels on the doormat causing our hearts to flutter.

Usually this would be at least one or two small parcels of our latest subscription delivery, new outfit or electronic gadget, either that or a little note to check the recycling bin for our goods. Our hearts flutter with anticipation, the excitement of the products newness, such easy gratification, we sling off our coats and bags and for some those of the little people, setting them up with a snack and entertainment before being able to quench our thirst for our new item. We love it, it augments our life in some way at least once…at least once and then it slips to the back of the drawer or cupboard. More things arrive and pile on top of it, birthdays happen, more things arrive, more goes in the top of the drawer and cupboard. We would use that item if we had the time or the occasion, but we are busy and now it is at the back of the drawer. At some point we stop and suddenly realize that we are overwhelmed by our possessions.

Perhaps the trigger was trying to find an item we bought six months ago and used once but now can’t locate or the fact that the wardrobe closet no longer closes all the way, or that the house dump zone has expanded ten fold. Something has to change but we feel like we are drowning. Where to start? How to start?

We search the net and an abundance of living rooms and kitchens sporting neutral tones and clean lines spring forth often featuring the deep green of a houseplant. “Yes” our minds cry, this is what we want, the words repeat themselves on our screen like a mantra;

minamalism, decluttering, simplify, by now our brains are ecstatic, “Yes, Yes” they cry, but how do we get there?

It starts with getting a system in place and seeing it through, working through all of your possessions but importantly recognizing how you use them also. There is no point in putting a system in place that ultimately is not practicable to you and your family. I am also going to tell you that it is okay to have storage, even to have a storage unit but with the qualifications that the pieces inside it have been considered and that they have a system, so when you want to retrieve them it isn’t stressful and it certainly isn’t overwhelming.

Organise Optimise is working with individuals and families alike putting practicable systems in place. We will be sharing moments of these projects, our insight and discoveries along the way of those that went from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

Stay tuned.




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