Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Organise Optimise consultation involve?

We come to your property or storage location to discuss your expectations and gain an understanding of how you use the items which we will be organizing. This free of charge* consultation enables us to evaluate the available space and propose storage solutions prior to commencing work on site.

*This service is free within Greater London for locations at a further distance travel time at an hourly rate will be charged.

Do you undertake seasonal wardrobe turnarounds?

Absolutely. Space is a sought after commodity and if you are city living or yacht based there will always be constrictions. We can help you decipher which pieces to keep year round or store seasonally and will ensure full care is given to the garments as they make their move between closet and storage.

We are undertaking a turnkey sale can you inventory for us?

Yes indeed. Undertaking a full inventory enables the client family to double check there are no items they wish to retain that may have been missed on a walk through or due to the fact family members aren't physically able to visit the location itself. For the buyer, a concise inventory enables them to know what they are buying in addition to the asset (property/yacht in black and white and it assists them moving forwards with their interior designers, smoothing the process for all.

What happens to the items we decide to move on?

Unlike our competitors we go an extra mile or two, rather than simply suggesting the trash and offering a charity run we have forged relationships with third party specialists; auction houses, luxury preloved clothing retailers plus fine wine specialists to move your goods on. Alternatively we can resell the on another site, once the decluttering process is complete we will ask you to complete an authorization form to let us handle the goods on your behalf and you can choose between paying an hourly rate or percentage of gross sale rate from this point.

What is the Organise Optimise service cost?

The service fee is set at 35 GBP per hour for Greater London with pricing on request to incorporate travel time for other locations. The booking is firm once the signed contract is returned and dates are cofirmed. An initial deposit of 25% of the proposed project fee is payable on booking confirmation with the balance (adjusted according to project duration and resale of goods) due on completion.

Any date changes or cancellations within one month of the service dates once confirmed will incur a 25% charge on the estimated project fee. Any date changes or cancellations within two weeks of the agreed service schedule will incur a 50% fee on the estimated project fee.

Privacy Policy, Data Protection & Third Party Liability

Protection of Personal Information has always been of the utmost importance to me. Through I, Charlotte Southon, operate as a Sole Trader.

What you need to know:

No information is shared with third parties unless at the culmination of a project you decide to use my services act to sell items on. These third parties will be agreed upon in writing and I will act as client representative on your behalf.

When inventorying for a project, data is compiled on a secure system and password protected. This will only be shared with the client and those within the clients employment authorized by the client in writing to receive it. It is shared via a highly secure file provisioning service.

In regards to myself contacting you once you have requested an initial contact for Organise Optimise services this will only be in relation to your project and regarding company updates unless you decline the latter. You can always choose to follow Organise Optimise on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Third Party Liability whilst onsite at your property is being underwritten by Covea.



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